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Yes the PM's flow can be very deceiving, I have seen many anglers go for a dunking.

First steelhead I caught on a fly was at the first Clay Banks, just above Deer Lick. Best single steelheading day I ever had was just above the Birch Hole on St. Patricks day, in Shaptons,and yes I went for a dunking into that black michigan mud on the south side of the Birch Hole. Was fighting a steely trying to keep him from going further into the whirlpool, had him just about ready to be beached, leaned back on the 8 weight and 4 lb leader, the leader popped and I went almost face down into the black muck.

It was in the thirties and snowing, but I kept fishing. Hooked 13-15 and landed three that St. Patties day morning all by myself with no one else around.

I can only imagine what I looked like when I walked out that morning to the Clay Banks parking, a frozen, shivering mud caked, happy steelhead fly fisherman.

Had to drive to Baldwin wash/dry my clothes in the laundry so I could get back to the river ASAP.

Priceless !!

PM Out

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