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Keep the faith they will come. Been a strange year, the summer runs were way off also

Welcome to the forumn, quite a dichotomy florida to Manistee, ehh.

Love that little river, took some good pictures there this spring.

It was one of the first michigan rivers I fished in 1980 when I relocated from NJ to South Bend, IN. Really it has not changed much in the last 23 years as far as its surroundings, the steelhead runs though are not as large as they once were.

True story, my first big steelhead trip was in the spring of 1980 went to the PM, LM, and PM for a week by myself. It was late april and I did not know that the runs were almost over. A rookie mistake, hey I did not have the internet then only magazine articles and hear say as to when to go.

Was fishing the first pool I got to on LM below 6 mile and all of a sudden this silver 10-12 lb steelhead comes flying out of the water right in front of me. I can still visulaize that fish jumping now almost 23 years later.

Have a good holiday

PM Out
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