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Read the Jed Davis book many years ago, used to buy my spinner parts from him.

The linesman book give it a new look, from the eyes of the guide. Which was interesting. I have been lucky to meet many of those in the book. I found their rivers insights and antics to prove them to be real peopel.

As to MS never impressed me much, i think I sent an e-mail explaining why. He has done a lot to exploit the fishery we love.

Fished the Dog below the old dam in the mid 80's Skamania used to run up there in nice pods. After MS's articla the 1.5 mile piece of water was clogged with drift boats. Saw some joker try to run a jet sled up there.

You and I have fished many of the same spots, most of them not so famous. All you need is a good map and legs to discover them.
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