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I fished the Dog in early 1980s before there were steelhead and salmon there. Just browns back then and some small mouths but nice and quiet. It was not a secret to the old timers in South Bend who were trout fisherman. They showed me it when I lived there from 79-86. Also fished its upper stretches for browns some nice areas back in the michigan farm lands.

The Linsenman/Nevala book I did not find that good. It was OK no great enlightenements technically but disclosed more GL rivers to be fished. Probably upset some locals I am sure disclosing these new rivers.

It is true the use of nymphs goes back into the early 70s. Dave Richey writes of them in his book GLs Steelheading for Everybody which was released in 1976. The first steelhead I landed in 1981 was on a Spring Wiggler. So nymphs for GL steelhead go back almost 30 years. I did not learn to much new on nymphs from the MS book, but did in other technical areas of GL steelheading.

The R. Kusitch book did not do to much for me. Talked more about the eastern great lake tribs which Bob K and his colleagues are now upset about.

A good cheap book is the paper back " Fly Fishing for salmon and steelhead of the great lakes - Kenn Filkins. LT $ 20 Borders has it in Schaumburg and Oak Brook has some good technical information.

Overall I think the MS Steelhead Dreams book is the best available at this time on GL steelhead.

One other surprising book is Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout - Jed Davis. It has some excellent technical information on PNW and michigan steelhead behavior and how to fish them etc. Jed is a michigan native who I met accidentally in 1981 at the Deer Lick run, we fished together and he told me he was moving to Oregon in 91, so this was one of his last times fishing you know what river. Did not who he was until the book came out in 1985. Not sure what he is doing now he started a tackle company in Oregon.


Sorry to hear about all of the out staters as that book and other magazine articles onthe eastern GL tribs is how I came to know over the last 5 years of the good fishing there. We also have lots of out of state plates in Michigan and Wisconsin rivers.

Wonder who may be writing the next book on GLs steelheading.

I have many of the PNW steelheading books also suchs as T. Coombs , L. Waller, B. Arnold, etc...

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