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Oh they love nymphs I went through the purist wet fly and spey fly stuff 10 -13 years ago, after fishing through the same runs which I had got got skunked on with them, I went back through with the hexs, stones, and caddis. The light went on in my brain. They like these better then anything else and I am out here at least to touch a fish occassionally. I am not out here to watch beautiuls wets and speys drift beautifully down the river drift after drift with out any touches and get snagged in log jams all day.

Believe me there will still be days with nymphs you will be skunked, so it is still quite a challenge with nymphs.

If you looked in my fly walletts now you will not see many wets or speys, a few just in case I decide to swing them.

Its a good book and photography is very good, just glad he did not give away any of my favorite spots :hehe:

Go out buy some emu featers, filo plume feathers, gray, olive, and tan maribou and tie up some motion with out movement nymphs you may be surprised on your results.


P.S. Peter, worms ? you know I hardly ever see anybody using worms for steelhead in Michigan, wigglers, wax worms, and spawn seem to be the live bait they use down here now. Not that I ever look at though.

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