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Angry Stop Steelies, Browns Salmon Stocking?

I just heard about a draft being circulated by "our friend", TU.
Basically, they have "joined up" with Great Lakes United to put pressure on senators, congressmen, etc. to try to restore the Great Lakes to their pristine state, and original fish species. A "quickie" sketch of what they want to do is:

1. Stop stocking exotics (e.g. Pac. salmon.Steelhead, Browns, etc.)

2. Restore original fish (lakers, burbot, sculpin, coastal brookies, yellow perch, bloaters, etc.)

3. Amend existing law to prevent introduction of "exotics" (salmon, steel and browns, etc.)

4. Make it federal mandate so that State agencies must comply.

I am procuring a copy of the original draft, and will forward it. In the meantime, I am NOT going to renew my TU membership, etc.

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