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18010-11 GL4

Thanks for the insight Flytier, I paid less than 1/5 of the orig. retail price for the blank so for the money it should suit me fine. I did however pick up one of the Windcutter Versi-Tip systems in an 10/11/12 version, again a good deal at 40% off from Welches. Looks like it may be too light, but answer this for me..... do you know of anyone or anywhere I can purchase the main line body in a 11/12/13, allowing me to ulilize my tips? How would it work to buy the Grandspey in a WFF and cut the head off? if this would work, in your opinion, which Grandspey should I buy (novice casting ability), and how far back should the line be seperated to install the loop connection ?
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