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Thanks for the reply Fred, I know it's tough to get away right after the holiday, but you know me, I'm always on the move. I heard from a couple of the other guys by phone and everyone is in the same boat.
Looks like I may just head down to Fla. visit mom for a couple of days in Merritt Island and drive down to the keys and try to scare up whatever is swimming around down there. Not a great time to hit the keys but, if I'm lucky, maybe some tarpon around the harbor in Key West, possibly some bones on the lower flats, and always plenty of Jacks to play with. If nothing else, I'll spend some time scouting for a Tarpon Trip I'm planning for late May or June, so at least that will be the excuse I give when I come back with the skunk in my luggage.
As for the comming striper season, your post reminded me that you haven't been properly introduced to my boat, we will take care of that early in the season.
Good luck and hope to see you at some of the shows this winter, I'll let you know how I make out when I get back.
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