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You are absolutely correct. Money talks and nobody walks. The only thing pathetic about an Alaskan commercial fisherman is that he is not able to derive more dollars out of each fish he puts on the deck (thanks to the Norwegians and Chilenos who can do it cheaper in a pen)

That is precisely why the trollers and gillnetters have lost out to the "other" commercial interests (guided sport fishing operations) who are able to extract more dollars per each pound of available fish flesh.

That poor chinook that Ward's Cove just left on the table ? He is now a marked man because the value of his meat just quadrupled. There's a housewife from Des Moines now who has her eye on his pink meat and a sharp hook for his poor lost soul. And after dropping the equivalent of $ 100 for each pound of him, she's not going to take no for an answer.
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