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This will come across as being a 'wet blanket' but if you look at

the dollars put in, vs. the dollars extracted (chest thumping aside) 'sports fishermen' generate a hell of a lot more real dollars into a local economy than the commercial fishermen. And then they go home ....

Ya, I fished the Big Kings once (and you know where) ... and was never more disapointed (for the same reasons you listed above). Sweet J, it was pathetic. Spent the rest of the week with a fly rod on the beach hooking ... and releasing ... other salmon.

But regardless of how much money my fishing partner dropped at "Good Time Charlies," I dropped about 2 grand for the week. B.. dropped far, far more than that into the local economy. Too bad I said: "would you like a treat on me tonight?"

And then we both went home.
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