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I'm not a fan of fish farming either because of the simple fact that fish farms require a lot of forage fish being turned into fish pellets and the attendant pollution from the fish farm concentrated in a small area.

I am in favor of highly regulated, very limited harvest commercial fishing for salmonids and other species simply because it can be controlled and prevent the decimation of the fish. That said, I am not convinced that the government wuld have the fortitude to keep the commercial interests in check to prevent overfishing. the problem is that the commercial interests will throw a considerable amount of money at the politicians for things such as "educational meetings", "educational materials", lobbying, and election campaigns. The politicians have not been able to resist the money of the commercial fishers in the past, and I doubt that they will be able to do so in the future.

Add to this, the nostalgia for the past "simpler way of life and romanticism" of commercial fishing, which the media and public readily eats up and accepts without critical thinking, and I am doubtful commercial fishing can be adequately regulated to keep fisheries healthy.

I really would like to see the media tell the truth about fish farming and commercial overfishing, though I don't think the mainstream media has the stomach to do so. One of the problems I see is that the commercial fishers, canneries, and fish farms have joined in the chorus of fish is good for you and far more healty than other forms of animal protein. The truth is that if a cow is not fattened up in a feedlot with its attendant hormone treatment and rapid weight gain which produces the marbled meet consumers have been led to believe is best, cow flesh is actually low in fat and cholesteral and quite healthy to eat.

Let us not forget that sports hunters went through this same thing at the turn of the 20th century. Commercial hunting interests did not want their harvest opportunity or numbers limited. And the commercial hunters also joined in with others about the dangers of cattle farming for beef and poultry farming for chicken and turkey meat.

What we need is to get the governemtn to adopt a mindset that conservation and good stewardship is the best practice for use of natural resources.

I also am disinclined to support mixed stock commercial fisheries and much prefer river origin targeted fishing. This allows for the protection of the resource to a much higher degree than mixed stock fisheries. Yes, I know that this would have a very big impact on commercial fishers. But is it more important to protect the resource from over-exploitation, or to allow some people to make a good income from the resource?
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