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There is no dought what you say is correct. But why must we look at so short sighted. We sport fishermen seem to be only able to see what we want to see. Please this is not a put down.

Even with all the advanced technologies the commercials who fish salmon can not have the effect on the current situation of endangered fish as long as they are closely monitered. World wide commercial fishing for top of the food chain fish is closely watched by many goverments. It is not perfect by any means but the awareness is there.

What is not being monitered or has very little monertering is the commercial fishing fleet world wide that fishes for forage fish to feed the Aquaculture industry. Soon if things continue to go the way they are with increasing fish farms we will wipe out certain segments of the food chain to feed the farms and what chance do our wild fish have then? So we stop the commercials from fishing salmon where do they go next? Just like every other commercial around the world to commercial forage fishing for aquaculture. I think right now that 75 to 80% of commercial fishing world wide is now related to supplying aquaculture.

Enviro groups around the world have recognized that this is happening and yet we sportfishermen are so stuck with a battle already won on the most part. I'm not crazy about commercials fishing for salmon but we need to recognize that the general public will support commercial salmon fisherman as a dying breed who they see as a romantic, hardy brand of men of our past culture.

Why not use that PR for our cause? Commercial Salmon fishermen want to save salmon and can lobby far better than any fishing organization in the world. The public very rarely cares about or supports fishing organizations and I don't blame them because we come across very selfish. It's the fish farms we need rid the world of. Use the commercial salmon fishermen to our advantage, coalitions make strange bed fellows.
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