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I wish I could join your praise and confidence in commercial fishermen's desire to save and protect the resource. However, history shows that in every country of the world and in every historical time period, commerical fishermen used up the resource and depleted it.

Regarding the high seas gill net fisheries being targeted as being bad for the resource by the commercial fishermen, I submit that the commercial fishermen would have said or done nothing if it wasn't a threat to their income. And there were sportsfisher conservation groups and environmental groups involved in trying to get the high seas gillnets banned before the commercial fishermen got involved. It wasn't until the commercial fishermen reliazed that the high seas gillnets were enroaching on their ability to make money that they acted.

As to the coastal communities being hurt that rely on commercial fishing and cannieries, thye can do what every other community has had to do throughout history, diversify or cease to exist. There never has been a civilization or town that has been able to be sustained by reliance on natural resource exploitation.

I have also yet to see the commercial fishermen lobby for and be in favor of reduced harvest quotas, reduced fishing days, reduced numbers of boats, gear restrictions, or boat size restrictions. Instead, I have seen the commercial fishermen and their industry organizations oppose these measures and lobby for increased hatchery production instead so that they can continue fishing.

And when the resource can no longer support a viable commercial fishery a large number of commericial fishermen want the government to buy them out so that they do not lose money because of the boat(s) and other gear they have purchased to persue commercial fishing.
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