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Afraid there will come a time in the not too distant future where we may have wished the commercials were still fishing. There is no future for our wild fish when fish farming is all there is. Don't ever believe that fish farming will go inland and use the most modern and advanced wastewater treatment facilities. That would put them in the same position as the commercial fish processors and no longer a profitable enterprise. Guys even if disease from the farms does not kill off our native fish and it eventually will what is going to happen to the worlds forage fish? Commercial fishing is now switched over world wide into not trying to feed the worlds human population but feeding the fish farm population, we forget this or don't understand this. Remember 3 pounds of fish meal to make one pound of farm raised salmon.

If we keep going at this pace there will be little ocean Bio Mass left for our wild fish to feed on while at sea. This is not a concern just for our cold water salmon in the North Alantic and North Pacific but for all our fish world wide. Do any of you realize that the farm raising of shrimp is even more devistating to our oceans than salmon farming? Shrimp aquaculture takes just 18 months before the holding ponds are no longer usable. These ponds are built in our worlds mangrove swamps in SE Asia and South America and the swamps are being bulldozed down at a speed far greater than the Brazilian Rain Forrest is being clear cut or the tropical forrests of Indoneasia, Thailand, Philapenes are being destroyed. Remember that the Mangrove swamps are the breeding place of the majority of our world fish population including the majority of forage fish.

We are totally foolish and near sighted to still be dumping on the last of our commercial salmon fisherman and the industry, we need them as our friend to fight the most important enviromental war that will be fought in the near future, maybe ever. At least we have a say in how our commercial fishermen now fish. We have no to little say in the politics and money backing of the fish farms power brokers and what they are doing to our oceans and our world. Just look at the British Columbia Goverment, they are so politicaly corrupt with Aquaculture money that they will not be stopped for a long time to come.
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