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I never equated the closing of two canneries in Alaska (one in Ketchikan and one in Juneau) with an abundance of fisheries caught salmon in the rest of the west. You did.

I simply reported on the closure of the canneries and the reason provided by the Seattle based parent company that owns them. To reitereate what the company said it is two years worth of very low salmon prices caused by a "glut of samon on the market". This glut is being caused by fish farming (as Fred pointed out in his post).

I find it very interesting that the cannery companies and the commercial salmon fishermen are joining with the environmentalist in their denunciation of the fish farming operations. Due you honestly believe that the commercial interests are doing this because they care about preserving the resource? The commercial boys and canneries are interested in catching and processing as many fish as possible at a price that they can make a profit at. And the fish farms are taking that away,, which they do not like.

If the canneries are closing, and we know they are, and the commercial salmon fishers are getting into financial trouble due to low prices, which they are, the fish win siimply because there will be less harvest.
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