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Salmon Processor closes Alaskan operation

Saw an article in today's local newpaper (the Skagit Valley Herald) on one of the oldest and largest salmon processors in Alaska (Wards Cove Packing Company) shutting down its operation due to two years worth of low salmon prices and a glut of fish on the market. They were unable to secure operating loans for next year. This is a company that is based in Seattle and which has been in Alaska for 75 years.

Perhaps with the canneries and rozen salmon prcessors closing their operations, the fish will win. Remember that all of the lower 48 fish must get through the nets in Southeast Alaska and Bristish Columbia before they can get to theri natal rivers.

Hmmmm.......... maybe the commercial boys will have even more incentive to get out of the business if they don't have anyone to take their catch. One can dream can't he.
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