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I think Ed Ward may have it right about Puget Sound Steelhead smolts migrating north up the coast and by all those wonderful Salmon farms. Last couple of years have been asking marine scientists if this could be so. Answer I get is not enough study done on smolt migration but what has been done shows that Puget Sound smolts go directly and quickley out the strait. That sounds fishy to me. How can we have 3 good years of ocean conditions with more than enough forage fish for food supply and not be getting our steelhead back?

Norway is not the only place where fish farms have killed off a large population of native fish. One of Ireland's coasts lost it's run of fish due to sea lice infestation from fish farms. On our east coast we had wild Alantic Salmon coming back quite well for years but have crashed in the last 5 years or so. Could that have anything to do with Maine and New Brunswick increasing their fish farming opportunities?

Fish farming should be an international crime and those very wealthy investors from Norway, Japan and the rest of the world should be brought to justice. They know exactly what fish farms are doing to the worlds oceans and its native peoples who have to live by these farms and can no longer feed their families due to the polution, removal of habitat and the disease of native fish. What do you want to bet that a lot of these investors no longer fish their home rivers in Norway because fishing sucks but spend many of fine day fishing Alantic Salmon now in Russia far away from the devistation their wealth and political power have created.
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