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fish farms

last winter Ed Ward mentioned the thought that puget sound steelhead smolts migrate up th coast past those B.C. fish farms. one theory on the low returns for the "inside" rivers is the sea lice problem as they migrate out to sea. thanks for that very well done all inclusive piece on the problems. i used to be encouraged that we could stop chasing fish allover the seas and eliminate all the bycatch problems. now i am a firm believer in raising these fish where there are no resident wild populations.too much bad evidence from Norway. reminds me of how we were all seduced by fish ladders and hatcheries that suposedly would solve our problems.
Bob,i have not read that book yet.dont need that depression at present.however, i presently see our rivers as healthier than in times past.i see it as rivers without fish. lots of prime redd gravel without redds.the fish cant make it back.
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