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Gad Hal, a ton of years since I've been to one of these

events. The San Mateo (did I get close to the selling--Edit here: selling?? well ment to say spelling; mental slip or no, well over a 'grand' changed hands) Joan got close to flipping out when she saw the credit card charges. New wife and all that.

Should have added this was about 1984-5 and one of the rods was my first Sage Spey. A few minutes on the casting pond and the 'card' was in my hand. Told Sage guy he sold the (well, actually two) rods if he'd toss in the Sage hat.

He did, I did, and I still 'sport' the hat - Fred's trademark? - on the river, still have the rod. Prior to then (a lot of years!) the first/last spey rod was a greenheart from my early years in Canada.

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