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Jealous 2

One of the greatest for sure. I'm a youngin too Dave. It's always cool to hear about the glory days from people that got to be right there when it was all going down. Makes me wonder what stories will be big hits when we get older. I am praying that it isn't boy bands.:hehe:

Hal, another swap is in order for sure. I am sure you have some of those eggs. It is mostly pastel colors pulled sparse and small and then clumped together so they blend in and then posted up like a normal yarn egg. That avatar is actually a pic of a buddy's hound who stuck some of those bubba teeth in him and took the shot. I thought it was funny so...what the heck. My dog has now put 2 and 2 together and knows that when I grab my gear we are going fishing. Today I caught him tugging on the straps of my gear bag as if to say "Common..don't go back to work....let's go fishing!" I wish I could have...its 42 here right now.

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