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Big Dave,

I am keeping my eye on that first big thaw to I know right where to go for big boys. Let me know when you may be heading out here and perhaps I can be your "indian guide" as Fred Evans calls it on the Rogue in Oregon. Week days are the key, a matter of fact 90% of my fishing for steelhead and salmon on done on those days

A steelhead addict/nomad to me are the full time guys probably retired fellows. I don't know of any but I may be one some day soon. Its either that or the golf course full time. Probably a mixture of both.

Yes Steelhead dreams opened my eyes to all of the GL areas I have yet to fish. Thinking of heading to Superior country this spring. If the fishing is off, the scenery is always spectacular been up there once.


Freezing feet are a given for GL steelheading. I guess I have an advantage being a big former downhill and cross country skier and spending 4 years in cold weather USAF flight lines (Iceland, etc) prepared my feet for GL winter steelheading cold feet syndrome. Hint: Smartwool socks with liners, the best underwear you can afford and boot foot breatheable or neopreme waders. I have not gone back to boot foot yet since I really like the moveability of stocking foot waders, I do a lot of walking to locate steelhead where I fish. I get out and start walking when I start to get real cold perhaps after 2 hours in a cold river.
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