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RE:PNW Summer Run Clave?

I'll be outta town Sept 9-16, and also August 21 -27. Any other times and I'm there.

Recent fishing report - the waters of the Sky and Sno are fishing fabulously right now. Fished Saturday morning on the Sky with Jeff, Sunday on the Snoqualmie. The waters around Reiter are at an ideal flow and very clear. We were on the water by 545, sun hit us by 7:30.

Sunday we got the early clouds and was able to fish until about 12 before the sun came out in force. Lots of smolt both days chasing our surface flies, and I watched a steelhead roll in the frogwater below the pool I was fishing on the Snoqualmie. Talked to a bait fisher on the Sky - he'd just lost one and had watched 4-5 caught that morning. Another plug puller on the Snoqualmie had told us he'd spotted a couple fish in the pools, but they hadn't had a touch on their plugs (DUH! Like the 6lb hatchery fish in crystal clear water is going to feel aggressive enough to attack his rattling snapping Wiggle Wart).

Fish are there, and more coming in.
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