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just a few quick thoughts on what i use in comparison to others.

without a doubt, have a clear intermediate in your arsenal.... but if you're fishing out of a boat look at rigging up a shooting head system instead of a full length line. when the wind picks up, one can water load a shooting head... get the necessary distance, and not worry about hitting yourself in the head with a clouser.

also, instead of the deep sea lines juro recommended, i would look at the rio striper lines (the rio striper 26' DC 350 grain is my line of choice). i have used the deep sea lines for blue sharks, and i personally prefer the lines built for colder water (the deep sea is a tropical line). also, i do fish the 350 grain (and lots of clients with little head casting experience) with the 890 rplxi... using the water load.

for serious dredging, look at making up a lead-core shooting head. i like 30' of lead core matched with the rio clear intermediate running line.

the benefit of the shooting head system is that you can mix and match heads on one spool (you can buy the 350 grain heads separetely from rio, plus intermediate heads and lead core).

for floating line work i still prefer a full length line, although it limits me in the wind compared to the sinking lines.

good to discuss coho fishing, brings back fond memories of the great fishing last summer out in the ocean.

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