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Skagit River drainage

The local newpaper, the Skagit Valley Herald, had an article in it today on Seattle City Light's purchase of 115 acres along the Sauk River (a major spawning tributary) that includes a mile of river. This is great news because it is part of Seattle City Light's salmon protection plan. Their Salmon Protection Plan was put into place as a condition of FERC when their dams on the upper Skagit were relicensed a few years ago.

This land will not be developed and will be placed into a conservation easement. The reason this is such great news is that this particular area of the Sauk River between the mouth of the Suiattle River and the town of Darrington is an area used by spawning kings, coho, chum and winter steelhead. The Sauk in this area is also known for its wandering around the flood plain with each high water. It will now not have any man-made attempts to keep it from doing so and it will not have any houses built on it.

Seattle City Light has worked with the Nature Conservancy to purchase land along the Skagit, Sauk, and Suiattle Rivers. they also purchased 110 acres in the area around Gilligan Creek this past summer. The Gilligan Creek drift is where Wes Drain caught his monster steelhead of 20 pounds back inthe 50's for which the fly he tied and caught it on was named the Drain's 20.
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