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I have the 3M Mastery Bonefish Taper on my 6, 8 and 10wt. I use the 6wt and sometimes the 8wt on the beach for searuns and silvers and, occasionally, use the 10wt in heavy seas and winds on big boats.

As far as the coiling and memory goes: I have never gotten used to what a stripping basket does to my stripping and wildly violent double hauls. That being said, I found that the coiling and memory keep the line at my feet where I know where it is. Strangely, I believe the hard coils almost aid in shooting my line.

For the longest time, I would use the Mastery Steelhead Taper for a couple steelhead seasons, then rotate it to my saltwater reel and throw the old saltwater line out cause it was trashed. This was a fine system until I got my first two-hander.

FYI, for my intermediate line, I use the 3M Stillwater line. . . . grudgingly.

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