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Thanks guys.

Leland, I figured you were out there, and I hand a hunch I'd see your nod for the floater. A couple more q's for you.... Are you using the floater with an 8 weight or mostly with the smaller rod? I'm set up fine with the 6 weight and figure it's more of a resident fish set up. Also, how much of an issue is it managing the coil of the bonefish line? Is it the SA Bonefish with the stiffer braided mono core? I have an opportunity on a similar line and am wondering if it would be a good way to go....

For you intermediate guys,
Any particular feedback on the Orvis Sly line? They have it on sale at the moment. How about some of the other makes? After a couple searches, I've seen a real mixed bag in terms of issues such as cracking, coiling, stickiness, etc. Are any better than others? I've had pretty good luck with my 6wt Crtlnd Camo but hear the Clear 444 SL shoots a little further.

thanks again,
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