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Thanks everyone, it was one of those last minute deals and I decided after my buddy Rick kept one bass that I had not eaten one in about 5-6 years so I said to him if I get one more fish in the slot I am going to bring it home for dinner tonight. Well next drift and boom 25" fish in the boat. I hate to kill anything but when you have to eat, you get the picture. First bass I have killed and kept for a long time. The limit in CT. is ! Fish 24-32" and 1 Fish @ 40"+ per day per man. Pretty cold day but I enjoyed myself completely and had a great time and I even stayed warm most of the day. Looking outside right now with the snow just falling by the 1/2 ft. an hour it was a good thing I got out yesterday.

Mike M.

I was wrong here are the correct CT. 2002 RegsCT. 2002 REGS.

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