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PNW Summer Run Clave?

It's time to start thinking about the summer steelhead expedition... Tony, Skookum, Andre and others have been finding fish. There has even been a little buzz out here on the east coast from folks interested in the PNW clave. We just might be able to get a few travellers to coordinate flights and spend a few days roving the northwest. Smitty (Rod Builder's WOrkshop) will be terrorizing salmon on Vancouver Island too.

This raises a couple of possibilities:

a) homesick greaseliner happily reunites with great friends and steelhead in the PNW

b) homesick greaseliner and entourage of eager anglers come to experience the ultimate trout

If there is genuine interest from folks in other regions in an expedition to the PNW, please reply to this post accordingly. If there are enough people to share a rental van and lodging, maybe even rental skiffs for ocean coho on a fly, the costs could go way down and the fun factor way up.

If not, then I will continue on my plans to visit the dry fly yard long super trout mecca to fish with the very impressive PNW contingent we have on the forum. (see Holy Grail article from spring)

I'll post details if there is interest in a group visit. Concerns about the logistics of fishing a river stretch with several people are not an issue in my mind, we could simply take shifts on different pools. There are plenty of hardcore steely schnauzers to lead small groups (of 3 or so) into various stretches and compare notes around ubiquitous quality espresso or a single malt flask.

Thoughts? Interest?
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