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Yes, I am in. I will tie a Black Bear Red Butt.

I don't fish GL steelhead because I don't know much about steelhead. [As far as I can tell, fishing for steelhead is sort of the opposite of fishing for atlantic salmon.] I have no friends here who fish, so I have limited my serious fishing to trips to Maine -- where I lived for about 13 years -- and the Canadian Martimes, where I fish with friends from Maine.

My only on river exposure to the GL tribs has been the Root River. That's just too crowded for my taste.

I remember fantasizing as a teenager about fishing the Pere Marquette, the Brule, and the Manistee, but I moved East as a young man before I got a chance to fish any of those rivers. I am sure there are great experiences on the GL Tribs to be had, but, though not an old codger, I am past the age of exploring on my own.

I recently bought a 13.5' 7-wt two-hander -- my first -- and plan to learn to cast a two-handed rod this Spring. Maybe that will cause me to get off the couch and search out some GL chromers.
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