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Just wait till the first excursion you will be soooo happy you got the boat that you be hard pressed to actually fish! I had this problem once I got my new rig, first couple of trips I just ran the boat and fished very little it was so nice to just have the room,range, comfort, power, etc. that I could not concentrate on fishing at all. But this will fade quickly and you will be back to doing what we all love FISHING! I don't have a tee top and wish I did, I think you will grow to love having the t-top honestly, it gives you alot more versatility in storage and sun protection, the minor drawback being some casting room lost to the size of the top. But that can be worked around and you will decide that you did the right thing getting the t-top. I am going to be looking into getting one maybe next season hopefully, but there are so many things I want and need for the boat I just don't know what is going to be first. Probably trim tabs. Very nice rig and now you will be able to do your best impression of the Pinkster.

Mike M.
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