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A plug for "The Osprey" newsletter...

Sitting in camp one evening last week I came across the May 2002 issue of The Osprey, I don't remember reading it when it arrived but I did read it while waiting for that illusive (sic) treat of sleep to overcome me.

There is in the May issue a rather complete and well written article about the Klamath water rights issue. This newsletter has been a good source of information regarding habitat issues and other Op Ed type musings of west coast steelheader intrest for a number of years.

Here is the address I suggest if you have not heard about it drop them a note and a few bucks donation and get on the mailing list.

The Osprey

Federation of Flyfishers
PO Box 1595
Bozeman, Mt. 59771 1595

The Osprey is a newsletter published by the Steelhead Committee Federation of Fly Fishers. It is a serious publication and has articles by many enlightened observers and "Scientist". I would call it required reading by any and all who care!
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