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You are so right about the various "fund raising" tactics of nearly all if not all enviro groups. Most seem to have gotten off on some rather extreme positions and do not want to find out if there is evidence to support these positions. Yes, they have done some fine and noble things in years past; however, when some of them start talking about catch and release fishing being a cruel activity, they have gone too far.

I also do not support them monetarily anymore either. Some are now raising money so that they can spend it on promoting birth control in third world countries. this has nothing to do with conserving our resources.

I best stop before I get off too far in a rant, which is not what I am tryng to convey. I simply think that we should carefully look at where an enviro group is spending its money and what its positions are on matters realted to fishing, hunting, and camping before we give them our hard, earned dollars.
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