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An Introduction

Good day,
I feel that mabye an introduction is in order. I am now living in the Portland Or. area, Hillsboro to be exact. I fly fish exclusivly, catch and release. But it was not always this way. I grew up in the great state of Mass. Worcester to be exact. I learned to fly fish from my dad. My first cast was on the Quinny in '59, I was 8. I have home movies of my dad crossing the cables, we spent many summer sundays there. I would go with him to the smelt run where the Quinny emptys into the Wachusett. We would drive for miles looking for spots in Vermont and Maine that he and his dad had visited when he was a kid, or just hike and cast on the backside of Long Pond or Comet Pond. I was always at Spags before opening day, stocking up.
I visited this site quite a few times before I regestered, I look for quality conversation/topic content. I am serious about the sport of flyfishing and all that goes with it (enviroment, etc) I like to be around people who are like minded.
Oh, and about the Adirondack Chair, Its a serious offer, plus I am just a few hours from Seattle
I remain a friend in fish
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