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Great comments JJ and OC!

But my comment(s) were in the context that far too often the 'envir. groups' loose their focus on what/where they started from/where they end up going.

Too often they get to extream positions that no one takes them for more than a 'voice in the wilderness.' Too bad that they end up tilting windmills. So you don't miss my point(?) I have the greatest respect for many, never, ever, never ever, under estimate 'a little old lady in tennis shoes with a placard in hand.'

My point is, financially, too many take on "other issues" as a way of raising money. You look at some of the "issues" (sorry guys, a couple of double singles tonight. You have to be in mortgage banking right now to understand that. Cleared my phone messages before a conference call at 8am, by 10:30 I had 32 unanswered calls on my voice mail) being "championed" by these folks and your not sure if you should laugh .. or cry.

How may times can you call "wolf" before no one takes you ....

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