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Let us not forget that without those enviromental groups you would have nada fish to fish for throughout the NW. Why should we care if those enviro groups come from the South Pole and why should we care how many lawyers they have. Those enviro groups are still like small patatos when it comes to what the goverment has in resourses. Ever sit across the table from the goverment in a situation like what you have down in S. Oregon? Goverment 30 lawyers, enviros 2 lawyers, goverment 20 million bucks to fight, enviros 200K. Without getting personal you know the political score on why the irrigation water was running across the road this summer. Many farmers down there were sick that the water was running across the road and being wasted but once again I'm sure you know why the water was running across the road.

Whats more important thousands of native salmon or 90 farmers? Yes we should give the farmer all the money they need to buy a nice big farm somewhere not in a dry land situation. I do not blame the farmer for this problem nor does anyone else that I know of, including the enviro groups. The poor farmer is a pawn in a much bigger war. Bush needs to buy them out and fast just as Clinton should have. But it will not happen and salmon with another year of drought will be smelling up the country side once again.

Please don't ever forget all the hard work the enviromental Groups have done over the years and are still doing, look what we are up against now and maybe for the next 6 years. There would not even be an Enviromental Protection Agency without Enviro groups fighting the fight they have fought.
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