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"Salmongate" Water and Irrigation California style

Most of us out west have heard about the recent fish kills in California on the Klamath river, but today I learned a bit more than I can stomach!

It was speculated that the dead fish were the victims of low water flows brought on by the "Guvmint" taking the side of the Agri Bussiness folks over the fish in the river in an allocation scheme that was slanted towards water extractions far above what the river flows were capable of.

I have heard it said by several of my associates that farmers could be more efficent at irrigation if they were forced to be. Well the report I got this morning shows there maybe a spark of truth in that line of reasoning. According to a report by the Eureka Times Standard, highways were being flooded from irrigation runoff, and Oregon Department of Transportation officials "had such a problem with water on the roads this summer that they submitted a plea to area farmers to control there irrigation".

The article I am quoting from appears in the Fishermans News November edition. The article goes on to detail the pending lawsuits being levied against the Fed by The various Natve Tribes and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermans Associations and a number of local and national politicians (Democrats)

One of the lead biologist for the NMFS a Michael Kelly has filed for "Whistle Blower status" to protect him from the wrath of his superiors for he is siding with the fish and is going to provide details on how the sordid tale came to pass.

Hope (theres that word again) this all works out sounds like they got rain down there since the fish kill and most of the run was yet to come, but still......
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