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BigDave...Da' Man

I was lucky enough to fish with Big Dave, Talented Willie, and the BIG UNIT this past week on New York's best kept secret...the Salmon River. On Wednesday I had fantastic action on my own for some of the monster lake run browns that frequent the various tribs. this time of the year.(I landed seven browns up to 15-20lbs. and lost a number of others when I had to downsize to #16 trout flies inorder to hookup on these heavily pressured fish.)

All I can say is that I must have used up all of my luck on Wednesday for I seemed to have run out of it for the remainder of our stay(Especially on Friday when I was unable to fish due to an incapacitating condition that struck me all day! Beware of Margo and her friend Flo!) During the remainder of our trip I only managed one very brief hookup on a steelhead and one half dead salmon for my effort. Big Dave on the other hand mustered all his concentration, skill, and luck and proceeded to "school" us all in the art of fishing for chrome. His skill at drifting flies far and deep really proved the difference or maybe it was his secret, experimental flies!

All in all I had a good time despite my inability to catch chrome. The happenings of this weekend will forever be etched into my memory. Good Times....Good Times!
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