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Digital photos


Thanks for the kind words.

As far as digital photos go, here's what works for me. First off. capture your photos in the highest resolution your camera allows. preferably in an uncompressed format. My camera, a Nikon 995, allows me to capture in uncompressed TIFF. Note, however, that these photos uses lots of storage: a bit over 8MB in my case.

Second, use a good photo editing program. Adobe Photoshop Elements is very powereful -- almost as powerful as full-featured Photoshop -- and costs just under $100. Edit your photos in uncompressed form. Only convert to your final form (JPG, GIF,...) when you are done editing, as each time you save in a compressed format you lose some fidelity.

Third, take several photos! This was the best of 5 I shot of this fly.

Fourth, good lighting and a clear, uncluttered background. This photo was lit with a dual-tube, 15 watt fluorsecent light. The background is light blue artist's board. Most digital cameras have a white light adjustment mode to compensate for fluorescent, incandescent, flash, or daylight. Use it.

Photoshop Elements 2.0 has a bunch of auto-correction modes. I used these to sharpen focus, adjust color and contrast. Finally I adjusted the resolution and size (this one is 2x3, 72DPI to get under the maximum size for posting). Most monitors display 133 lines per inch; if you'r epublishing to the web, finer resolutions than that will not help.

Hope this helps.

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