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Blank Recomendations

I would like to build my first fly rod this winter and need some blank recomendations (other components are also welcome). I would like to build a 9 wgt for the salt.

I currently own 3 rods I love: a Sage 910-3 RPLXi
a Redington DFR 908-3 and a T&T 908-4S (I sold my LU and GL3 'cause they were a tad soft for me in these wgts)

Based on this what blank(s) might you all suggest I start with. I thought I would refrain from spending serious money on the blank for my first rod as who knows how it will actually look or fish! I was thinking maybe a Pac Bay, Graphite USA or some such but am open to more knowledgable suggestions.

Thank you in advance,
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