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Old 11-08-2002, 05:34 AM
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Wow! 8's and 10's! Them be tiny little buggers.

Well, the 'special ones' I've got are a tad larger than that but, who knows, they may change your luck. Or scare heck out of the fish.

Complete change of subjects: Joan's been "complaining" her computer (and she has a screamer) has been getting slower and slower .... Discovered she didn't like the MacAfee Firewall program I'd installed this past summer. Took it off. Think that may have been a huge!!!!!!!!!!!!! mistake. Reinstalled a 'free download' copy a couple of nights ago. Man, this thing is going nuts shutting out 'port screen' attacks from three major places. Yesterday she said it blocked 31 attempts to access her computer. Three of those were my 'test shots' from the McAfee site ... the rest????

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