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Borski #6- Chernobyl Crab

This is one of my favorite Borski flies because I have used it in Chatham...Hook- 1/0 Mustad Signature....... Place the hook upside down in the vise. Tie in a clump of tan Calf tail and top it with 6 strands of pearl Krystal flash. Tie intwo grizzly hackles, one on each side, for the tail....... Secure a clump of deer hair on the shank just in front of the tail, allowing it to flare outward but not spinning it. Tie in wide, webby grizzly hackle in front of the deer hair. This Hackle will later be palmered forward, but leave it as it is now....... Add more deer hair and spin it forward along tge shank, forming a thick body to a point just behind the hook eye...... Use a double -edge razor blade to trim the deer hair flat on the top and bottom, taking care not to cut the grizzly hackle. Then trim the deer hair to form a crab shape....... Attach the lead eyes behind the hook eye so that the point will ride hook up. Paint the eyes as in the first fly in the series .Palmer the grizzly hackle forward though the deer hair body and tie off behind the eyes . Trim excess material., and trim the hackle flat on the bottom.
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