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looking for single-handed dry line summer rod suggestions

Fishing a dry with the spey rod the other day reminded me of the 10ft 7wt sage i've been lusting after for a while now. I'm really digging the double taper floating line on the spey rod, but i'm also yearning to spend some time with a more delicate single hander.

Whatever i get will do double-duty for trout in new zealand this december, so it can't be too much of a stick. The biggest fly it will have to drive home is a heavy wire size 1. The primary fly it will toss are small dries, skaters or softhackles, probably exclusively on a full floater. Maybe i should be looking into a 6 wt?

I'm not totally convinced i should get the 10 footer instead of a 9.5, but the extra length just makes a lot of sense to me. I suspect that Juro/Brian/et al may suggest that i'm so close to the 7140 spey, why don't i just get that? And i'd love to hear pros and cons for light-weight spey (such as the sage 7140) vs single-hand rods (such as the sage 7100) as well. For example, what's it like dead-drifting a dry with a spey rod? and is a 14ft spey a bit long for small summer flows?

thanks in advance
Bill Littlewood
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