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Yes agree with both of your points.

I was writing a response which was just summarizing all of the issues formerly stated and then I realized I could not propose a viable solution to fix the problems.

The only thing that comes to mind as a start is more state DNR resources assigned to enforce fishing laws, management of guides and angler education.. That would require more funding increased taxes and fishing/guide license fees, political actions and you know what that means.

Lets face it there are a heck of a lot of fishing laws now on the books in each state which are not enforced.

In 43 years of trout fishing I have been checked for my fishing license and proper tackle less than 5 times and twice was in the same day in British Columbia which left me impressed thinking they had their fishery enforcement resources and methods under control. However reading the posts on this board from the BC anglers and hearing the state of some of their blue ribbon fisheries makes me reconsider if even their they have their fishery management and enforcement actions under control.

I get depressed just thinking about the lack of controls on the fisheries. Most states appear to focus their scarce fishery resources on fish management such as the hatchery operations
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