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Eastern Spey Clave

I know this is a year away "but" it would gives us all lots of time to plan the outing.
A few freinds and I have been talking about having a great lakes Spey clave, possibly next fall, late Sept or early Oct. We could hold it at Brant park camp grounds (Bantford Ontario Canada), the park is on the Grand River (about 3 hours from Detroit and 2 hours from Buffalo). There is lots of room there, as well as a number of other places in the areas to spey cast.
This time of year the steelies are just starting to show up, If it's held before Sept 30th the upper river is still open for Brown Trout fishing (our trout season is April 30-Sept 30) As well as Steelies and Trout the river is an excellent Bass fishery.
We have a number of Biologists in the area that work very close with the great lakes fishery, I'm sure they would be happy to join in and give us a talk on the subject. I know the reps for G.Loomis, Sage and St Croix, We could ask them to supply us with the latest products. Maybe we could get the line companies to send us some lines to try out etc. Your Thoughts !!
Thanks Rick
Rick Whorwood
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