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RE:Montana Report

Thanks Skookum,

Great report, and you can keep including those details on restaurants to go, spots to avoid, etc!! We all travel, and it's nice to know about those special spots to visit that can really add to the fun of a road trip. I'm amazed I never tried it - should have guessed it was great, as they were always booked when I wanted to eat there <g>. I'll pass one on as well - when heading to the OP and Forks, stop in at the Bakery in Port Angeles. On the left just after you make the hard left at the light following 101, they have fabulous Torrefazio espresso, great deli sandwiches and homemade soups. One of Juro's favorite stops when heading to/from Forks.

As for Ennis, it definitely is (along with West Yellowstone) one of the west's truely fun towns to explore. Our family used to have some property south of Ennis (near Two Dollar Bridge) that was a favorite family / summer destination. Pronghorn herds running beside your cars, folks talking about the renegade Grizzlie Joe Rancher had shot last weekend, and the amazing trout fishing are all great memories I have of Ennis. Stripping those white/olive lead-eyed bunny leeches (two strips glued to the hook) for big browns in the autumn was especially fun - they're super-aggressive and smash these little intruders really hard!

Skookum, you've given me nightmares with that story of a 25lb+ King on a 7136! You managed to land it??? That's one for the books!


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