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More NC suggestions:

1. Leave the 8-weight rod(s) at home. 9 & 10 weights are the norm;

2. DO NOT raise the rod tip in the air to fight the fish... unless you want to test your rod manufacturer's warranty policy. Keep the rod butt parallel with the water while you are fighting the fish;

3. Sink tip lines work just fine;

4. Do whatever you can to make sure that your line flows freely through the guides when you hook up. It was really interesting to find out how many hookups you can have while you are clearing a knot/tangle from your fly line. Clean and lubricate the fly line even if your guide provides the equipment;

5. Consider using a stripping basket in the boat. You will find yourself stepping on your line more than you think - especially with your sea boots;

6. Tippets of 16-20 pound test work fine. The fish will readily hit a fly attached to 20# florocarbon.
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