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I just returned from my first Albie trip to NC. If you haven't done it before there are a few things you should know:

1. If you trailer a boat, you should plan for a trip of 18 hours each way;

2. If you drive without a trailer behind you, the trip will take approximately 12 hours each way, if you are willing to drive fast;

3. Basic accomodations are approximately $60 per night;

4. Wade fishing for Albies is virtually non-existent. You need your own boat or a guide;

5. Guides charge $450 per day;

6. Virtually all of the guides fished "The Hook" area and did not move from there. As a consequence, there were LOTS of boats chasing the same school of fish;

7. If you hire a guide, make sure s/he has a boat of sufficient size and hull design to enable you to look for the fish 12-15 miles away from "The Hook" area. We did. And, as a result, we had pods of large breaking fish to ourselves for several hours;

8. Dress appropriately. It is NOT summer down there, but it is a lot warmer than it is here. You should count on getting wet;

9. Bring fleece/capilene underwear (long johns), sea boots, and quality foul weather gear. You will be miserable if you don't. If you get wet, you will get cold. Water temps are in the high 60s and the air temps can get into the 70s;

10. Harkers Island is nice and quiet, but it is remote and lacking in shops, restaurants, etc. "The Fishing Center" has very spartan accomodations. One person likened them to third world accomodations. "Calico Jack's Marina" appears to be a much nicer location;

11. I would recommend that you consider staying in the Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, or Beaufort areas. They will give you many more options for things to do and they are significantly closer to the highway.
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