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I was pondering the same thng except my thinking was to trailer the boat down and have a platform to fish from when I got down there. I here it is very reasonably priced to stay down there for a weekend and that the only big cost for the trip is usually gas money. I would be open to ideas from you or anyone else about a possible road trip to chase BIG,BIG, Albies! I now have a vehicle that can handle trailering the boat that distance so there is nothing really holding me up from doing it except maybe the wife who I am sure could be talked into letting me go for a weekend. Let me know if you would be interested in teaming up to go down there with the boat and we could split the costs and make it more affordable for both of us. If you are interested in something like this I can do the leg work on the sleeping arrangements/lodging and also where to launch etc. Could be do-able if all the cards fall into place.

Mike M.
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