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RE:Time to get out the Floating lines and Wakers

Hey all,

I liked Sinktip's observation about water temp - I hadn't thought about it much, but the water temps are usually higher when we start seeing these lower water levels.

I still think that many steelhead *will* rise in 50 degree water, but maybe they haven't settled into their summer lies yet??

I've found that summer-runs in the Puget Sound rivers, when they first arrive in the river, stick close to the main current and cruise up to the area around the hatchery. Then, after they've been in the river awhile, they start to hang in the tailouts, riffles, and other floating line summer/fall lies.

It's probably (guessing here) a combination of the water temp, length of time in the river, and water level that makes for optimal floating line conditions.

Any thoughts on this??
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