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New Rules for the Spey 2003

The Spey is slowly dragging itself into new centuary. I know you all practice catch & release and have done for years but this is a new(ish) idea in Scotland. So for next year,

"New Spey Policy 2003"

The following are new OBLIGATORY MINIMUM MEASURES with a target of at least 50% of fish to be released. If not reached in 2003 the Board may apply to Edinburgh for mandatory measures.
Catch & Release
1/ Until 30th June each angler must return the 1st,3rd,5th etc fish caught.
2/ After 30th June all hen salmon & grilse must be released.
3/ Throughout the season all stale or gravid fish must be released.
4/ Escaped farmed salmon must be retained.

1/Where possible anglers should be encouraged to fish with a fly.
2/ Where spinning is allowed only one set of barbless hooks may be used on a lure.
3/ All hooks should be pinched or barbless.

Fishing effort
Where possible the number of hours & rods fished should be limited.

N.B. On 1st October 2002 the Scottish Executive introduced a statutory instrument banning the sale of rod caught salmon & sea trout in Scotland.

Well it's a start.

PS The Spey is on Flood Alert with rain still lashing down.
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